About Me

Artist Statement

For the past six years, I have called myself a “native tourist”. I’m a Brooklyn native who has the confidence of a local and an eye of a tourist. I create photographs to reveal adventures discovered through daily explorations of the inner workings of the city. Referencing a lineage of street photographers, I capture images in my daily routine, later discovering the narratives represented when I process the photographs either digitally or in the darkroom. My eyes are always anticipating a ‘decisive moment’ in each photograph as I capture images of people and how they uniquely inhabit the urban environment they share. These pictures are portraits of people I both know and do not know, action shots of my subjects in motion; sometimes performing for the camera and still lives/cityscapes. 


September 2018
Metro Texture lll – Con Artist Collective
Group Show in Lower East Side

November 2018
Cultural Center of Cape Cod – Apertures 2018 Awards
2nd Place - Link

March 2019 – May 2019
Schweinfurth Art Center
Made in NY 2019
Group Show in Auburn, NY

August 2019 – October 2019
Schweinfurth Art Center
Group Show in Auburn, NY

January 2020 - TBA
AIM Fellowship
Bronx Museum of the Arts

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