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Chris Cook is a fine artist who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He dedicates himself to preserving stories and experiences that capture the beauty and complexity of the human experience for future generations.

On February 20, 2021, Cook exhibited his solo exhibition, "Am I Next?" at the Welancora Gallery in Brooklyn. The exhibition showcased his documentation of the Black Lives Matter movement from May 2020 to September 2020. In 2021, the Valentine Museum of Art acquired 160 of his "Black Lives Matter" photographs. Additionally, Cook recently published his latest monograph, "Black Lives Matter." His works have been acquired by prestigious institutions such as the Schomburg Center, the British Library, the Met Museum, and Yale University.

Cook has exhibited in galleries and conducted chats and workshops throughout New York State. His work has also been featured in various publications, including The Washington Post and ABC News.

Artist CV

Solo Exhibitions 

Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba

September 14th –  October 15th, 2022 (LES, NYC)

What Has Always Mattered: Chris Cook BLM Photographs

Welancora Gallery

February 13th – April 10th, 2021 (Brooklyn, NYC)

Am I next?

Group Exhibitions 

Kente Royal Gallery

August 4th, 2023  – August 26th,  2023 (Harlem, NYC)

End of Summer Curated by Phyllis & Dodji Gbedemath

Art on the Ave.

February 23rd, 2023  – March 30th,  2023 (Financial District, NYC)
Our Journey Curated by Aleathea Sapp-Jimenez

Hamilton Landmark Galleries

October 20th, 2022  – January 14th,  2023 (Harlem, NYC)

Resistance For Freedom Curated by Kay Hickman

Prospect Park Alliance, MPB, and Photoville

June 4th, 2022  – December 31st, 2022 (Brooklyn, NYC)

The Brooklyn Connection Curated by Jamel Shabazz

Bushwick Community Darkroom 

December 3rd, 2021  – March 3rd, 2022 (Brooklyn, NYC)

SHIM/Darkroom: Winter 2021 Exhibition Curated by Lucia Rollow

City Artist Corps and NYFA

September 30th – October 2nd, 2021 (Chelsea, NYC)

If You Can Make It

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