The “Black Lives Matter Movement” series is my archive of the black social movement advocating for civil disobedience. The protests represented an essential action citizens felt against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people. The medium of photography gives me the ability to give a voice to those who don’t have one or who have died. This body of work will expose some of the injustices generally know in America for years and even international around the world.

Initially, I researched organizations and who what they represent. At each protest, I noticed everyone who participates has a different agenda, whether good and bad. When I get to the location I observe who is there and stay alert to their movements as a group. You will see things you don’t expect to see from others while watching what a few are predicted to do. You can feel the sense of unity in the air. Yet, there are many disloyal peers within groups to bring tension. From news channels to social media, we all have different interpretations of the Black Lives Matter movement. I want to have my viewers to see my work as the first-person view through the months of protesting.

In my eyes, this is my movement in my generation. I felt it is something I wanted to articulate within many parts of what is going on—not only the frontlines. My interest was for others to see the stories that aren’t shown on the news. Although the photographs didn’t make it as the cover photos of newspapers, they are personal to me. The protest is a black historical moment in which I was able to take part and fortunate I can now pass onto the future.

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