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BLM - Washington Square Park Art Poster

$200.00 USD

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Art Posters: Black Lives Matter


26" x 38" Art Posters
Fine Art Matte AQ Art paper
with an Aqueous Coating (silk)

Chris Cook has collaborated with the Valentine Museum of Art (VMoA) to offer a limited quantity of 100 signed art posters to commemorate their recent series titled "Black Lives Matter". This poster is a part of Cook's first monograph,"Black Lives Matter", which provides an on-the-ground perspective of the chain of revolutionary protests that took place during 2020.

There will be a total of 1000 posters. Out of these, 800 posters will be given away unsigned to different educational groups, fine art institutions, schools, and visitors to the gallery exhibition. The remaining 100 posters will be jointly signed by Chris Cook and Michael Valentine, who are the Owner and Director of the Valentine Museum of Art. These signed posters will be available for purchase at a later time.

The posters are 26 inches wide and 38 inches tall, and they showcase a high-resolution image of Chris Cook's photograph titled "Washington Square Park". This photograph is a part of the "Black Lives Matter" collection from 2020. "Washington Square Park" represents a visual representation of students of all colors coming together for a March later on.

The poster is a one-of-a-kind item, as it features a work of art that has already been added to the Permanent Collection of the Valentine Museum of Art. This means that the poster depicts a piece that is owned by the museum and that very few people have had the opportunity to see in person. It is a unique addition to a historic collection of black diaspora art.

Photograph in image: Washington Square Park (June 2020)

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